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Booking platform for school and sport premicies


Develop extremely flexible specialized booking platform (real estate)


Solution advertises facilities across the UK that are available for hire. Whether you are looking for a swimming pool for a birthday party, football pitch for your local team, classroom for your business or dance studio for your clients, the platform will find you the facility you require.

The site has been built as a two sided marketplace bringing together customers and venues in a more efficient and streamlined way. Each customer and venue will be able to manage their account to allow them to complete the required actions to either make or accept bookings.

  • As a customer you will be able to send a booking request direct to a venue, having first seen all information relating to the facility (availability, cost, size etc.). The booking request will include all the details required by the venue for them to approve the booking. The days of waiting for venues to respond to calls/emails, querying a slot that isn't available and trying to print and scan back an old fashioned booking form are over. The bookings section will allow you to review all your current bookings, view invoices, message the venue, as well as any actions required in relation to the booking (e.g. to retract a booking request, request a cancellation or modify a booking).
  • The focus for each venue is to help you increase revenue whilst at the same time decrease the amount of time spent on lettings due to the inefficiencies and manual processes in the current system. All features on the site have been designed with this in mind with the focus on either revenue or efficiency savings. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information as to the key features or to generally discuss further.

The project has a complicated multi-server structure to provide top level of security and safety. It is successfully developing in production environment within the last year.

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Since: June 2016

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Real Estate


David Nevies Managing Director

We have been working with Gera IT now for coming up to 2 years and the day I was introduced to Gera has been critical in the success of my business. From the very first step when I had a basic vision in my head, Gera have been there to help make it a reality. The product they have built us is second to none and enabled us to take a position as the market leader in our sector.

I very much consider Gera an extended part of my team and a special mention to the incredibly talented team of developers and project managers I have had the pleasure of working with on my journey so far (Sergey, Vadym, Evgeniy, Alex R and Mihail).

I would very much recommend Gera and look forward to continuing to develop the platform together in the future.

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