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Free Home Risk


Develop a risk assessment platform for the Real Estate sector


Free Home Risk is a free web service which allows house owners all over the USA to easily assess the risks of their real estate property.

It is a big data project which is designed to process a bunch of complicated API calls to different online services (Google Maps, lead generation platforms, insurance agencies etc.). The key goal of the system is to deliver useful information about any real estate property to the user, namely:

  • Flood risks
  • Fire protection class
  • Earthquake damages risk
  • Superfund site risk
  • Brownfield site risk etc.

The main challenge was to develop the correct and well-performing combination of application architectural aspects along with the ability to work with statistic big data. Once the core of the application was done, it took some time to create and finalise the smooth user flow. While having quite simple and ascetic user interface, the application shows high performance in data processing and has low failure statistics.

Speaking from a technological point, the architecture was based on the RoR framework and PostgreSQL database. Namely PostGIS plugin was used to get the maximum performance for the geo data determination. The raw geolocation data was processed by the system in order to convert it to the useful information to end users.

Client: HazardHub HazardHub

Country: US

Since: February 2016

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Real Estate


unicorn, capistrano, jQuery, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby On Rails, munin, monit

Bob Frady CEO

We've really enjoyed working with the team at GERA-IT. We searched through dozens of companies before selecting GERA-IT, as the business model we wanted to put in place was a complicated mix of geography and data. We have been extremely pleased with the speed, inventiveness, and intelligence of the entire team.

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