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Make platform for easy cooperation between real estate agencies and technical drawing professionals .


MyEcad presents a marketplace, where real estate agencies can order converting of paper drawings or PDF/TIFF scanned files into digital DWG/DXF format.

The application supports 4 roles of users:
- Customer
- Worker
- QA
- Admin
First, customers are placing Bids. Then workers apply for bids and make converting of the files. QA staff verifies results from workers. Afterwards, admins control all of the process and have powerful admin side and reporting.

Most interesting parts in application from engineering point of view:

  • Custom wiki based CMS system
  • Flexible Work flow Engine for Tasks
  • Uploading of big files
  • Activity tracking of different users in system

Client: Promius bvba

Country: BE

Since: December 2012

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Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL, thin, linode, capistrano, rspec, capybara, cucumber, Ruby, munin, monit

Bart Gruyaert Owner

I like to work with Gera-It because of their consistent method and result. They are very well organized and engaged to deliver the best possible result. I hope that you will have the pleasure to work with their team soon and share the same experience as us.

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