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Create application that gives ability to track someone’s presence within some area.


The idea for the application was to control the location of kids (primarily). No matter where your kids stay - home, school, kindergarten, these is always a situation where they can go outside or go to a shop and get lost on a way.

Therefore the main idea of Playcelets was to make sure that kids stay within the specific area and parents/teachers/grandparents will be notified if child will leave the territory/

So, how does that work? The company already had a prototype of the bracelet which had programmable iBeacon chip on board ([Play] with bra[celets]).

iBeacons is a technology offered by Apple for indoor and short-range navigation when GPS doesn't work.

The plan was that custom bracelets with additional indicators on board could be monitored by any iPhone after simple configuration. And led indicators could be used to receive some signals from a parent phone to a bracelet like "Alert, please go home!"

For this project we've built the prototype that consists from:

  • mobile application that monitors beacons
  • web application that was responsible for data aggregation, information exchanges, stats, etc.

What were the challenges of the project?

Well, working with 3rd party developer from customer side, actually, it was not a problem - but a very interesting experience of working on a hardware creation. Awesome!

Working with iBeacons. Native implementation from Apple has a set of limitations. We had to cope with it to make it work - Done!

This project is one of our most favourite ones, as it gives us challenging tasks and ability to make people's lives better and less stressful.

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Since: January 2016

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