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Implement monitoring solution for analysis data from multiple type of sensors.


SafeInHome - is generally a monitoring solution that analyses variouse data like temperature, motions, etc from sensors installed in home and generates alerts based on customizable rules.

Audience for this app is families where some relatives need to be under constant monitoring - grandparents, children, recovery, etc.

System includes:
- Extended admin side
- support for various sensor types
- many useful rules to analyze situation in the house
- self-monitoring features
- high availability of service
- IOS and Android apps
- customers dashboards
- integration with sensors platform
- interactive voice calling flow

Client: SafeInHome

Country: US

Since: April 2011

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resque, redis, elasticseach, Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL, logstash, kibana, munin, monit, unicorn, faye, capistrano, jenkins, jQuery, github, errbit, Ubuntu, Ruby

Tim Lloyd Founder

Gera has delivered our company great value. High quality work at a reasonable price. Gera allows me great visibility in to the development process, and there is never a time when I didn't know what was going on. Gera's client facing people all have strong English language skills, both written and spoken, and excellent communication skills. Those are different to me because one is mechanical and the other is attitude. To me excellent communications means that the misunderstandings that always arise between people are noticed early and corrected quickly. I don't foresee changing development partners.

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