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Build analytical platform for social media.


Storyful was founded by journalists who wanted to curate the real-time web. In other words, to separate the useful news from the river of noise flowing through channels like Twitter and YouTube. The application has ability to aggregate various information resources for editing of a new article. Services: development, support.

We have created comfortable but highly interactive tool with lots of functionality and availability of application for 24/7. What we have accomplished:
1. Backbone was used to manage tons of JS code in the project.
2. Rails based API to offer our clients and mobile apps to deliver and manipulate with data.
3. Managing of multiple data flows
4. Complicated widgets grouped in multiple tabs on a single page
5. Real-time updates(persistent connections)
6. Consuming, parsing and delivering of large twitter streams (thousands of accounts)
7. We have utilized extended twitter stream to perform its parsing and deep analysis.

Client: Storyful

Country: IE

Since: September 2010

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unicorn, delayed_job, faye, linode, capistrano, rcov, jenkins, rspec, shoulda, factory_girl, mailcatcher, jQuery, backbone, github, errbit, Ruby On Rails, Ruby, sphinx, munin, monit

Mark Little CEO

Gera-IT ably provided technical resources to help in the development of Storyful's digital systems over the course of 2 years. They worked with us on a  daily basis in maintaining code and servers. They communicated well over the distance and we could rely on them at all hours.