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Vital Orange


Implement solution that simplify process of medical tests ordering and provide convenient way for medical labs to provide results and track patients history.


The idea of this project is very simple, however it is elegant too: to give people opportunity to care about their own health with more intensive use of online technologies. Taking into account all customers' demands we began to develop the system which will help to avoid additional inconveniences you face while visiting laboratories to do blood tests

Using Vitalorange you can simplify this procedure to 5 simple steps:

1) Step 1 - Order online

You register on the website and purchase blood test procedure. Basic kit for taking blood test will be sent to your home address.

2 Step 2 - Perform the test

At suitable for you time you will take a drop of blood, using enclosed tutorial. DBSL laboratory specialists will afterwards analyse the blood.

3) Step 3 - Dispatch.

Just send the test to the address indicated in the tutorial and wait for the test result!

4) Step 4 - Laboratory.

After receiving your blood test, certified DBLS Laboratory will perform the procedure as soon as possible, thriving to provide the results during the week.

5) Step 5 - Online results.

After processing the test, user will receive the results online, s/he will be able to view the results in own account. User will have access to main test indicators received during the test and also recommendations on how to act if there are some deviations from the norms. Using this data you can follow your health situation more carefully and avoid future possible problems.

Client: Vital Orange Vital Orange

Country: NL

Since: October 2015

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Ruby On Rails, resque, capistrano, rails-bestpractices, rspec, jQuery, CoffeeScript

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