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Efficient software development

We've spent 11 years to come up with this business model. It's not an ordinary outsorcing.

Success Stories of Our Clients

  • Development started: 2010
  • Company acquired by the News Corp: 2013
  • Deal value: $25 million

  • Development started: 2015
  • The app is used by 2K+ UK schools: 2017

  • Development started: 2009
  • Awarded 3 times as the best Ecommerce marketing software: 2011
  • Formed in-house development team/Knowledge transfer: 2013

Our Advantages



  • Efficient Software frameworks
  • -30% Development time


  • Lean/Agile Development Consultancy
  • MVP/PoC
Turn key

Turn-Key Service

  • Build together
  • Pitch together
  • Succeed together

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Do a search on Google and you’ll come up with 20,000 software development companies willing to work for English speaking markets. Maybe 1000 of them are worth working with. Other ones — not so much.

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