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Who we are?

People like to ask popular question:
— What is more important process or result?
— We think that is question is wrong. Good results can be reached only with good process done by right people.

We are Gera-IT

Img who1 Gera-IT is a cohesive team of experts that transforms ideas into reality by usage of most proven and effective technologies and approaches. Efficiency, quality and dedication are spread over all our activities.

Img who2 Gera-IT was founded in 2006 and originally focused on 4 technologies : RubyOnRails, Java, .Net, PHP . During first three years we have felt on our own practice all benefits of Ruby On Rails in comparison to other technologies. This brings us to specialisation on Ruby on Rails + Mobile development.

We have been working on different types of projects starting from small prototypes and up to highload systems in clouds. Step by step we have collected and polished our skills in all set of technologies related to RubyOnRails stack. Our team has grow up into solid group of experts that are capable to resolve in efficient way any challenge.

We like to be better

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Our team consist of:
  • Very experienced project managers (former developers with 10+ years experience in IT). They serve as top level architects and analysts.
  • Senior developers
  • Mid level developers
  • Junior level developers
  • UI designers
  • Professional slicers
  • Android and iPhone developers

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In our company we use Ruby On Rails as a core technology for delivering great web products. And it's impossible to build great web applications without knowledge of many other things: Relation databases, Key-value storages, Proxy, Web and Application servers, Javascript eco system, objective CSS and HTML5, Messaging systems and much more.

Inside the company we have a number of approaches for how to learn new things, use them in production and share knowledge with team members.
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  • Effective processes
  • Our team is our family
  • Innovation Driven Approach
  • Make the world better
  • Passion and care
  • Partners with our customers
  • Balanced Team of experts
  • Processes that set Quality and Efficiency on all stages of project's life cycle
  • Our projects win international awards
  • Building our own products
  • Deep expertise in different Industries
  • Contribution into Community

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