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  • Effective processes
  • Top Level Quality
  • Passion and Care

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Rich Expertise in

Slide healthcare
  • Real-time Health monitoring
  • Online Video Consultations
  • Interactive Voice Robots(IVR solutions)
  • Patient Medical Histories for Medical Practitioners and Health Institutions
  • HIPAA Complaint Solutions
  • Medical Claims Automation
  • Hospital Resource Management Systems
  • Medical CRM and Business Automation Systems
Slide ecommerce
  • Analytics Software for Marketing Campaigns
  • Intelligent Billing
  • Financial Analytics
  • Crypto-Currency Trading Applications
  • Blockchain-Based Solutions for Trading Development of Customer Support Interfaces
  • Online Marketplace & Ecommerce Platforms
  • Business Automation with Hardware Integration (Offline)
Slide education
  • Providing Technology and Training for Virtual Classes
  • Online Questionnaires, Quizzes and Tests
  • Custom-Designed Educational Apps
  • Integration with Brick-And-Mortar Schools
  • Offline Classes
  • Social Networks for Learning
  • Gamified Educational Apps
  • Task Management Systems
Slide insurance
  • Insurance Marketplaces
  • Insurance Business Automation
  • Claims Management
  • Marketplaces for Acting Intermediaries Like TPAS, Brokers, Wholesalers, MGUS and Carriers
  • Invoicing and Automated Billing
Slide media
  • Advanced Integration with Social Networks: Search, Filter, Analyze and Extract Content From All Social Networks and the Web (Web Scraping)
  • Interactive Dashboards & Widgets
  • Rich Content Management for Editors
  • Integration with Multiple News Services
Slide enterprise
  • Automating Document Flow
  • Employee Management Systems
  • Accounting Automation
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
Slide real estate
  • Advanced Property Search
  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Landlord - Tenant Relationships Automation
  • Analytical Research Tools
  • Processing Large Volumes of Real Estate Data
Slide social
  • Virtual Collaborative Spaces for Groups
  • Advanced Social Network Integration
  • Social Analytical Research
  • Community Websites for Various Audiences
  • Real-Time Communication Software

Our Core Values

Effective Processes

We use an Agile approach for our internal company management as well as for managing client projects.

An Innovation-Driven Approach

We always advise our clients on the best innovative approaches to use in their projects.

Passion and Care

We treat each project as if we had to use it ourselves and put in the same time and dedication.

A Partnership with our Clients

We see our business as a team effort - nobody wins unless everyone gives 100%.

Our Team is our Family

We strive to make everyone on the team feel comfortable. A happy person is a dedicated and responsible person.

Make the World a Better Place

We refuse to take on any projects that cheat or harm others. Our aim is to ensure that the products we build help make the world a bit better.

What customers say about us

Sih test

Tim Lloyd, Founder of SafeInHome

Gera-IT has delivered our company great value. High quality work at a reasonable price. Gera allows me great visibility in to the development process, and there was never a time when I didn't know what was going on. Gera's client facing people all have strong English language skills, both written and spoken, and excellent communication skills. Those are different to me because one is mechanical and the other is attitude. To me excellent communications means that the misunderstandings that always arise between people are noticed early and corrected quickly. I don't foresee changing development partners.

Fhr 5

Bob Frady, CEO of HazardHub

We've really enjoyed working with the team at GERA-IT. We searched through dozens of companies before selecting GERA-IT, as the business model we wanted to put in place was a complicated mix of geography and data. We have been extremely pleased with the speed, inventiveness, and intelligence of the entire team.

S2m testim

Matthijs Jorissen, CEO of Shop2Market

Shop2market is an Award winning cloud application for Campaign Management. From the start, Gera-IT was our development partner and showed a strong capacity for developing innovative, scalable cloud applications with cutting edge technologies. The success of Shop2market is largely due to the capabilities of Gera-IT.

St testim

Mark Little, CEO of Storyful

Gera-IT ably provided technical resources to help in the development of Storyful's digital systems over the course of 2 years. They worked with us on a  daily basis in maintaining code and servers. They communicated well over the distance and we could rely on them at all hours.

Callmd testim

Randall Mills, CTO of Health Ultimate Corporation

Gera-IT has one the best IT outsourcing company I've work with in my 25 years as an information technology manager. Their project manager assigned to our company is very knowledgable and really cares about our projects. Their programmers are very talented in providing "out-of-the-box" programming solutions. We have been very pleased with Gera-IT as our outsourced IT application department.

Beim testim

Chuck Beattie, Founder of Pelesend, Inc.

Gera-IT has worked with us on a number of projects and has provided professional results and support. This bright team is good to communicate with and understands our project needs quickly. is and example of the continuous improvement process we have jointly implemented for this product and others. We value our working relationship with Gera and appreciate the quality work they do.

Evolux testim

Ray Leavitt, CEO of EvoLux Transportation, LLC

We are very appreciative of the Gera-IT team and all of the hard work, dedication and sacrifice it took to be EvoLux's beta platform development partner. Igor and his team were very professional, always very responsive to our needs, and they did their best to put our specifications to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. I was very impressed with how organized the GeraIT team was and how organized it kept us on our end. We look forward to reigniting the next phase of development with the GeraIT and recommend them as a Top-Tier Ruby on Rails Development shop partner for any start-up or 2nd stage tech company.

Rw testim

Boz Kay, CTO of Readingwise

GeraIT develop in Ruby to a high standard, with a friendly and professional team of great communicators.

Meet the team


Vadym Karpenko, CEO

Building different interesting products, watching how they start off and keep growing and evolving - is fascinating to me. It’s a pleasure to know that a project’s success is the result of our efforts and to see how our projects can bring a positive influence into the world. We love our work!

Evgeniy Solovyov, CTO

Professional self-realisation consists of an ongoing mastery of something new along with the practical application of existing knowledge. It’s such a pleasure when your job becomes an arena for your professional self-realisation. At Gera-IT, we believe in assisting one another in this process.
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