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Gera-IT has strong software development skills in numerous programming languages, databases, platforms and technologies. Our team has expertise in various Product Development Approaches like Agile development, Extreme Programming, Iterative approach etc.

Technology list


Core technologies and libraries that we use to build applications

Icon technology frameworks

Queues + background processing

These tools are very useful when something need to be done in the background. For example, when some uploading process takes 30 mins to run it is impossible to implement it reliably within normal HTTP request

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Web Servers

Web server is a tool that accepts connection from browser, send it somewhere, waits for result and delivers it back to browser. We use different server for different purposes and this category lists them.

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DBs & storages

Well known software to store data. We have experience with all modern database engines, both SQL and noSQL.

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Front-end JS

Interactiveness - is a trend of modern applications. This is a small top list from huge variety of JS libs that we use to implement great user interfaces.

Icon technology front end


In order to understand how the project is operating we need to track how it works. So these tools are used for collecting different logs - from servers and application.


Testing/development environment

Ruby and Javascript ecosystem today have many ways to write tests - pieces of code that check every line of code and every feature from technical and from user perspective. Here they are!

Icon technology environment


Operating systems. Basic underlying level of each application.

Icon technology software

Code review/code quality

This category contains set of tools that we use to make sure that our code is top quality and tested within each commit

Icon technology code review

Realtime Processing

These tools provide ability to send data from browser to client within persistent connect. The best and the most effective way to implement highly interactive tasks

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We like to automate all tedious tasks. So Continuos Integration is implemented using tools to make sure that application is perfect after any minor change in code.

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Search Engines

This category includes powerful search engines that we use in order to provide sophisticated search features

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Issue tracker

Tool to implement task tracking. We used a lot of them but prefer Redmine. We customized it a lot and maintain our own instance. All information is in safe place and backed up.

Icon technology issue

Markup langs

In Ruby(RoR) ecosystem we have ability to use different languages to write HTML templates. These libs improve performance of developers, take care about closing tags and bring many more features.

Icon technology markups


Eealier we've used all these languages but now our company is focused on Ruby and JS for web development, Java for Android and Swift/Objective-C for IOS

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Hosting providers and platforms

We use different hosting providers to deploy applications. We use only proven and most reliable solutions to maintain high availability of apps

Icon technology hosting


Deployment can be complicated and boring process. We use a lot of tools to automate server preparation, installing prerequisites and deploy application finally. And all this is repeatable, scalable and fast

Icon technology deployment

Payment Integrations

Your app is a part of business so you need to collect money finally. This list show our experience of implementing financial tasks and integrating with different payment gateways

Icon technology payments

Version control

For devs and management. Each minor change of code is tracked and saved. It is searchable, comparable, measurable and revertible.

Icon technology version control

Exceptions, errors and notifications

Yes, bugs happen. And in this case we need to know about them faster then user noticed. These tools help us with collecting errors from apps.

Icon technology errors